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Delivering quality products and services is no longer sufficient to develop sustainable growth and profitability.

WHY CONSULTING helps companies achieve a sustainable business performance by genuinely placing the client at the core of their strategy and organization.

Our assignments contribute to increasing companies' market shares, oustmarting competitors and building a long-lasting competitive advantage by delivering oustanding customer experience and value to their clients. Our expert consultants address companies' key challenges, developing customer loyalty, cross-selling and up-selling as well as conquering new clients.

We deliver all necessary business consulting and services, from building an offensive customer business strategy to implementing adapted organizations, tools and operating modes.

We commit to support our customers at all stages of their projects with the required level of expertise.

In the past 15 years we have issued several state-of-the-art books and  studies in these fields. And we have also developed a repository of the best practices implemented by the most successful 'customer oriented' companies.

Whenever needed, we partner with acknowledged experts to deliver the right value.


  • New books by Serge Rouvière

    Culture Client Lultime différenciation             Vendre  en BtoB 2nd édition

     Discover the book                    Discover the book


    In his two books released in March 2016, Serge Rouvière, founder and president of Why Consulting,  develops further the beliefs he has forged conducting audit and consulting assignments for large international groups during the past 15 years.  Read more

  •  Petits Déjeuners Why Consulting


    'Helping business transformations happen, getting stakeholders involved, to achieve a strong growth ambition'

    Paris - Tuesday, 4 October 2016


    Come and discover our very practical and innovative programs that ensure a fast and effective commitment, a strong internal buy-in and the success of your objectives.

    Read the program of our conference.

    You are interested in this topic, wish to attend the conference, contact us: why-consulting@why-consulting.com

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